New Members

Congratulations on becoming a member of the Christian BookClub. Here is what you should do first:

1. Complete your ‘Profile Details’
2. Enter your ‘Payment’ Settings

For your information…


You will notice that this website has a security certificate ‘lock’ in the address bar. This means that you can enter your personal information with confidence as there is an encrypted connection between our web server and your web browser.

1. Complete your ‘Profile Details’

Go to the ‘Profile Details’ tab which can be found in the ‘Register’ drop-down menu. Here you can enter the required information (marked with a *) that wasn’t requested during registration.

  • First Name – This was already entered during registration.
  • Last Name – This was also entered during registration.
  • Nick Name – You can leave this blank.
  • E-mail * – This was already entered during registration.
  • Website – You can leave this blank.
  • AIM – You can leave this blank.
  • Yahoo IM – You can leave this blank.
  • Jabber / Google Talk – You can leave this blank.
  • Password * – This was first entered during registration, but you can come back here and change your password at any time.
  • Repeat Password * – You need to enter your password twice to ensure it has been entered correctly.
  • Biographical Information – You can leave this blank.
  • Street Address * – This information is required as it is forwarded to the seller so that they know where to send your books when you buy them.
  • State * – This means the ‘county’ (e.g. Essex, Kent) where you live.
  • Zip/Post Code * – Your postcode is also required.
  • Phone Number – This isn’t required and you’ll probably want to leave this blank. Communication between buyers and sellers is best left to email.
  • Country * – This is also required as some BookClub members may be based outside of the UK.

Once you’ve finished entering your ‘Profile Details’ don’t forget to click Update!

2. Enter your ‘Payment’ Settings

Go to the ‘My Dashboard’ tab which can be found in the ‘Book Listings’ drop-down menu. This is where you will be able to list books for sale or auction – but first you need to indicate how you will receive payment once a purchase has been made.

On the ‘My Dashboard’ page you will see a number of tabs. The first of these is labelled ‘Settings’ and here you need to tick which payment methods you want to set up. At this stage we have only enabled ‘PayPal’ and ‘Wire Transfer’ as requiring a purchaser to send cash or cheque to a seller may seem too much of an inconvenience for some.

PayPal – If you have a PayPal account this may be the most convenient way to receive payment for your purchases. You should be aware, however, that PayPal charges for this service based on the amount of the transaction. This charge is currently equivalent to 3.4% of the total amount, plus 20p. Here are a couple of worked examples:

BOOK 1: £2.00 Sale Price + £1.50 P &P = £3.50 Total.

The PayPal fee is: (3.4% of £3.50) + 20p = 12p + 20p = 32p

This means you would receive £3.50 – 32p = £3.18 for this sale.

BOOK 2: £0.50 Sale Price + £1.50 P &P = £2.00 Total.

The PayPal fee is: (3.4% of £2.00) + 20p = 7p + 20p = 27p

This means you would receive £2.00 – 27p = £1.73 for this sale.

In order to use this payment option, tick the ‘PayPal’ box on the ‘Settings’ tab, click ‘Save Changes’ and then go to the ‘Payments’ tab and enter the email address you use to log-in to PayPal.

Wire Transfer – This is where the purchaser uses online or phone banking to make a payment directly into your bank account. You have the inconvenience of checking to see if the payment has been made, but most banks do not charge for this service.

In order to use this payment option, tick the ‘Wire Transfer’ box on the ‘Settings’ tab, click ‘Save Changes’ and then go to the ‘Payments’ tab, click on ‘Wire Transfer’ and then enter the details of the bank account that you want payments to go, as well as indicating to the purchaser the reference you want them to use (e.g. Reference: BookClubSale).

If you are anxious about submitting your bank account details you can put something like “email me for details of bank transfer” in the box instead. When someone purchases your book they will automatically receive a message which will include your registered email address and they can contact you for the bank details. You will also receive their email address, so alternatively you can send them the bank details as soon as you receive notification of the sale.

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