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My name is Simon Goddard and I’m a Baptist Regional Minister. I’ve always loved books, and a couple of years ago I began selling second hand Christian books as a way to raise money to support the mission of Baptist churches in our area. Thanks to those who donated and purchased the books we were able to raise £1,000  in the first two years of the scheme.

Like me, you’ve probably got lots of books on your shelves that you enjoyed reading once, but (if you’re honest) probably won’t read again. They’re sitting there gathering dust, when others could be benefiting from the wisdom contained within their pages. If you’ve done any sort of theological study, some of those books might have been quite expensive, and may be of use to current students. Perhaps you’ve looked at selling them on other (well known) websites – but have been worried about their ethics or surprised that if you sell a book for a penny, you’ll still be charged more than £1.40 for the privilege!

I’ve wanted to access something like the Christian Book Club myself for a while, but haven’t been able to find anything. When my nephew was recently looking for an employment opportunity I shared the concept with him, and together we’ve now turned that idea into a reality. Not only are you able to list your own books for sale on the site, and buy the books that have been listed by others, there is also a Facebook group for discussing the books you’ve read, promoting your book listings, and posting ‘wanted’ ads for books that you would be keen to get your hands on.

The site has only just been launched, and because anything new is likely to have one or two teething problems, we’re offering discounted membership for the early adopters who will help to get this community off the ground.

LAUNCH DISCOUNTS (applies for future membership fees too if you choose auto-renew):

Try using one of these discount codes during registration:

FIRST100 – 50% discount for the first 100 members

SECOND100 – 25% discount for the second 100 members


If you’ve ever used an online auction site you’ll find buying and selling your books with Christian Book Club very familiar. In any case, we’ve got an extensive list of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQs) to guide you through the process.